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s are trying to find the time of the evolution of major groups of flower▓ing plants."Previous fossil evidence had suggested the morning glory family may have o

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nalyses supported the idea that it originated ▓earlier and in the Old World. The new research pro▓vides ev

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also suggested the morning glory family and the nightshade family - which includes potatoes and tomatoe

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s - diverged earlier than previously th▓ought.Together with the recent, separate discovery of 52-million-year-old nightshade fossils in Argentina, it revealed that mornin▓g glories devel

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oped in the East and nightshade▓s in the West.The 17 fossils analyzed in the study are the e▓arliest recorded fossils for both the ▓morning glory family, known as Convolvulaceae, and the ▓orde

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r Solanales, which includes morning glories and nightshades.Morning glory fossils are rare b▓ecause the plants' soft structure

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was not easily preserved in rocks.Dilcher's collaborators, Gaurav Srivastava and Rakesh C. Mehrotra of India's Birbal Sahni

the East Gondw

Institute of Palaeosciences, d▓iscovered the fossils in Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India.The morning glor▓y family is widely distributed in tropical and subtropi▓cal regions and inc

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ludes about 57 plant genera and 1,880 species. The sweet pot

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